please help luca get back on the bank

good evening guys

Luca age 15
On Saturday 18/3/2018 one of my fishing students Luca went fishing with his father , in horrendous freezing conditions , ( and they didn’t catch ) by the time they got home they was freezing cold , so dash into the house to get they tea and get warm as there was 6 inches of snow and was a blizzard of snow , so they decided to get they tea before unloading there fishing equipment from the van , in this very short time there van was broken into , and all there fishing tackle was take along with his fathers power tools for his job , as you can imagine this young lads is devastated, when I went to see him , the look on his face said it all , he was in shock and devastated, the look of sadness none of us like to see in anyone,
So Iv opened up a fund to try and replace his fishing tackle and get this young lad back on the bank as quick as possible,and try and put a smile back on his face , so I’m hoping with your help we can make this happen for him and Restore his faith in you Humanity, and prove that not everybody is horrible ,
Please click on the link and give what ever you can afford
Thank you kindly guys đź‘Ť
Once I can get him back on the bank I will post a video with him to thank you all personal !

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