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Fishing Blog 2/4/17 – Clawing back points.

welcome blog readers to this weeks instalment of lets go fishing and draw an absolute cesspit. Today we are back at Meadowlands fishery for the second round of the spring league. Last week you will all be aware how i blanked off summer flyer peg 40 on the big lake. After a week of stick and harassment off Peter Blanket aka carpet aka so many other 4 letter names i am back and with the rotation i am on the Warren lake which had had an evening match on it the day before so we did not know how it would fish. At the draw i was lucky enough to pull peg 18 out of the bag which had won the previous evenings match with 106lb happy days i thought but i did wonder what would happen considering it had been fished so recently. A quick word with Steve Daley for advice and off i went.

My plan for this match would be mainly a pole attack with pellets, corn and groundbait, a method feeder at 25 yds was also set up but i did not plan to use it. To my left on 19 i had Mark Casemore, 21 Dean Young, 23 Stuart Palser and on 25 evil lets get rid of his fly rod Glen Maxwell. These were all in my money section. Unfortunately Carpet was on peg 12 to my right which meant he was in earshot. Mt deaf ear is the left one so i was in for a fun day. At the all in i potted a pot of mixed micros and 4mm pellets at 13 meters and trew some corn to the bushes to my right. i would introduce some GB and maggs to a bush to my right later in the match where i planned to catch carp. I had seen a fish top in front of me so started the match slapping for 10 minutes away from my main feed hoping to lure a wily old carp. This dd not work so straight on to the 13 meter line and the float buried straight away and then it was a fish a bung mainly skimmers but then on occasion a small stockie carp which proved a bit of a nuisance as they upset the skimmers and it slowed down whilst they were there. I was constantly feeding 4mm pellets by catapult to keep the fish coming. so suprisingly for me the day was going well, the only person in my section i could see catching was Stu Palser who was bagging and every now and again he hooked and landed a carp but despite what i did i could not hook a decent carp. After 3 hours i potted some GB and maggs to the bush to my right and had a look at the tree to my left. I had a succession of skimmers and small carp but nothing decent!!! i increased the amount of corn i was feeding but still no carp. 90 minutes to go and Stu was now on about 5 carp and a number of skimmers….he was way in front. I noticed a swirl dwon to my right so changed top kit and lowered a Mike Wilkinson margin float with 6 dead reds into the water and the float went under after a few minutes. Thank god i thought until the elastic did not mve and 4oz of Wudd flew into the air. That is all that line produced all day. Back to the left margin and finaly i hook and land a 3lb then a 6lb carp but no more i just keep hooking skimmers and small carp no matter where i put a bait in. i throw handfuls of corn and pellet into the left margin and catch…………a few skimmers. The carp obviously have not settled since yesterdays match is all i can deduce.

The all in sounds and i have had a fantastic days fishing to come 3rd on the lake, yes 3rd and beaten by some Clown who hooked 4 carp on the method with an hour to go and weighed 63lb who also took the £50 section money as Stu weighed 124lb and was second on the match. The kids will have to eat baked beans this week but they are used to them now!!!!!

All in all a great days fishing and i pulled back a few points on Carpet. Well done to Neil End Peg Russell for winning the match off peg E with over 190lb he even caught a few on the pole….must have been solid. Did i also mention i took nuggets of the wag, the evil one, the P…………..Lee Davis, Mr Big and the chippie.

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