IAN COXON BLOG 26/2/2017

The Blog – 26/2/17 – Does E stand for empty?
Dear all welcome to this weeks fishing blog or as some would put it how to go fishing and catch nothing. after last weeks instalment where i was lucky enough to snare a few at the great Boddington i was raring to go this week where we are back at Meadowlands for the penultimate round of the teams of 3 especially as the weather earlier in the week had been lovely and i had to make amends for my disastrous performance on the last round. Unfortunately the remnants of storm Doris remained and today looked like there was going to be no chance of holding the pole with gusts up to 40mph forecast and the temperatures had halved but never the less i was happy to be out on the bank surrounded by those i enjoy being with, the pikey, the European gigolo, shorty, Shorter, evil Stibbo, the clown, Happy Kevin, Vodkatonic. i could go on.
Well done to the Tornadoes for winning the last round and indeed leading the league so fay, my team the ginger ninjas were lying in 10th place after a disaster last round. Today as i was helping with the draw again Kevin was going in the draw queue for me. unfortunately Kevin decided to stand at the bank and imagine my despair as i wrote out name after name next to flyer after flyer until there were only 3 pegs left and i could have cried. Super stand in Ritchie Watts was on Warren 15,Kevin Lambsdowne 48 and myself on Lambsdowne E. The fish had been down the other end of the lake on the last 2 matches although E had won its money section on the last 2 with 3 and 4 carp respectively. Darren Cox said its not a bad draw but i knew better……..or did i!!!!!
Down the hill of death i trundled with my gear, down 4 times and back up 3 times i was knackered before the start. i decided on a 2 pronged approach due to the wind it would be method across and into the bay and i clipped up 2 lines, 1 2 meters from the far bank and one into the bottom left corner at 60 turns. i would also fish a GB feeder at 20 meters as the lake is much narrower than peg C i had to take the clip of so cast out the feeder, undid the clip and reeled in. now this is where something really strange happened, the feeder pulled back and kept on pulling back because somewhere in the lake some hungry carp had decided to chew on a bare hook!!!!!!! I had not even set a landing net up and luckily Andy Pell who was on peg C was at hand to lend me one and after a short tussle on .12 bottom a nice 6lber came to the net. That’s usually a bad omen said Andy. Thanks mate. i slipped it back into the water cursing only i could do this too myself you watch me go and blank now!!!!!
Phil Philip Canning the Packington boy wonder came down for a chat and advised me how he had caught in the bay the last time he was on the peg, the last match in fact when i was on C and had 2 skimmers. As i could see bubbles i decided i would chuck in the bay first and then see what happens. The all in sounds and off we go, 5 feeder fulls of GB, maggs, casters and pellet at 20 meters then the method into the bay at 4 turns and ……nothing hmmm. i look to my left and see Andy and Phil playing carp so pull the method in and cast it across the lake bread is the hokbait. The tip pulls round slowly then slowly falls back, skimmer i thought. It does t again so i reel in thinking the bread has gone. It has. Next cast with wafter as bait, over it goes and i have a little look at facebook because nothing will happen soon………….and just as i was watching Shaun Conley’s vid of Ferry Meadows the tip launched round at a rate of knots and i only just picked the rod up in time to keep the fish on. 2 minutes later 8lb of angry carp was in the net. Bloody hell i thought thats not like me. i cast out again gently feathering the method into the water. 5 minutes later the tip dropped back and carp number 2 a glorious 10lber was on and then it happened again and this was all in the first hour what is happening to the ginger Ninja. Andy had a little look over and i gave him a little smile and as the next carp was hooked i remarked how i couldn’t believe what was happening. Ian Lillystone phoned me to ask iff i was catching. nothing i said, oh i heard you were catching, just skimmers i said. Ive had 3 carp he said bet he had a glint in his eye when he said it. Neither of us expected this. The match itself was one of just trying to be patient, casting out and waiting 15 minutes, Iff the tip had not moved in that time i would cast again Andy at one time caught up to within 3 fish of me but a good run in the 3rd hour and a few more fish in the last hour put me on 16 carp and i ended up weighing 133lb it was one of those days when i just drew on fish thanks to happy Kev. Now its great winning the match but as this is a team event the team is more important and i would have given it all away for the team to do well. Kevin going into the last hour had only caught skimmers and carpet had the pleasure of phoning me to tell me how he was battering him until Kevin whose peg was obviously solid all match but felt sorry for Carpet and did not put a hook on for the first four hours caught 4 big fish in the last hour to weight 48lb and come 2nd in his 15 peg section so now we had to get back to the pub to find out how Ritchie had done.
Back at the pub everyone was in there usual happy mood when Ritchie walked in. How did you do mate, blanked he replied. My heart sank, never mind both Kev and i won our money sections so you have some money coming. Then Carpet pipes up you have come second on the match, Swanns have beat you on the day. Don’t talk daft i said until Bigwig handed us the sheet and to my utter amazement the ginger Ninjas had won the day and taken themselves up to 7th in the league 5 points off 5th place which is the final money position. you can imagine the smile on my face as i asked Carpet how his team had done and how many envelopes he had picked up. It was just a great day and well done to Ritchie on his 6 points off a peg that had fished rubbish on every round so far. My views on my peg……personally i think its been solid on every match it just needed the right angler on it😜😜😜
I would also like to thank Darren Cox for the masterful display in fly casting and for knowing where the fish are. He isn’t a master for nothing 😁😁😁
Well doen to Andy Pell on his 90lb secong place and Wayne Sharman for 3rd with 78lb. tight lines everyone there is no blog next week as i am working this weekend but have a good one and hopefully there will be a nice change in the weather soon.

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