Craig Goldstaw, gets is place in the final

Craig Goldstaw, gets his place in the Grand final of the Golden Reel , held at larfod lakes on 19th august 2017

Craigs in his own words he says this ..

Interesting day for me turn up at heronbrook for the golden reel qualifier had a walk before the start stood on peg 26 match lake with Jamie and said I want this peg 🙈 sat in the cafe and said if I draw it I’ll fish in my boxers 🙈 guss what I drew it ! Loads of room wind boshing in got to fancy it ! Started match short on pellets went well for couple of hours till I lost my head for a little bit when a group of lads decided to set up 2 pegs away and chuck loads of bread and use a massive cage feeder in front of me ! 4th 5th hour was black down the edge ! Ended the match with 87ish fish for 155lb and match win and a shot at winning the 50k! Nice to reach a final after getting knocked out the fisho semi last year ! also thankyou everyone for the messages !!!


from all of us here at M.A.M wish you all the best in the final

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