A trip out to lindholme today for a practice for the national next week, I've drawn peg 3 on beeches, i have never fished beeches before so it was nice to have a go even though you know you are not in the same match as bennies, it's always going to dominate with room! 
But with the job in hand of practicing I wanted to feed some information back to the team! 

In honesty I started on the wrong baits first two hrs as it was fishing so slow, open water was very poor today with it being flat calm and bright, I've ended up catching everything to cover, I've weighed 71lb for Second on the lake with 73lb winning the lake from peg 14 in the bowl, I am happy with my efforts but I must say a bit rusty on fish that pull back a bit lol 
Bennies destroyed the match with 165lb well done dazzler Shaw đź‘Ťđź‘Ť
Well done the sec winners and rest of the framers, onto next week!!! 
#Garbolino #SpottedFin #Finygo

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