Colin Scott makes it to the fisho final

Partridge lakes Fisho qualifier, 
Pine peg 11, when I drew the peg I didn't know what to expect as I had never fished the pool before, because the fish were stocked fish and reared on pellets I decided I would fish hard 4mm pellets with a 4mm banded on the hook I started at 5m for not a bite so I quickly shipped to 14m where I caught steady through the day, never solid but just steady, the last 45 mins I spent at 16m to put the remaining 8lb of my weight in the net,  rig wise a 4x12 with a strung bulk of 9,s on top of the 4" 0.10 hook length and a 20E Guru LWG, 
I had a feeling the match was going to be tough with it being flat calm and sky high pressure, and so it proved, 
85lb 5oz was enough to win the 156 peg match and through to the final, What a feeling to have made the final, it's still not sunk in yet!! 
Thank you to every single one of you for your kind words of support and messages, 
Onto the final 
#Garbolino #SpottedFin #Finygo

Good luck in the final Colin

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