Frenzee Festival 2017 White Acers

Final Day Results

‘A’ Section, Pollawyn

First on the lake today was Danny Dryhurst with 104lb from peg 19, Danny spent most of his day fishing waggler with meat. 2nd was Lee Taylor from peg 27 with 86lb and joint 3rd on the day was Robert Kite from peg 22 and Nigel Cornwell both weighing 69lb 04oz.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Doug Wright peg 1 8 points​ 34lb 10oz
​B section Nigel Cornwell peg 21 8 points​ 69lb 04oz
B section Robert Kite peg 22 8 points 69lb 04oz
​C section Dany Dryhurst peg 19 8 points 104lb
D section David White peg 43 8 points 57lb
‘B’ Section, Twin oaks, Trelawney

First on day two was Nick Speed from peg 14 Twin Oaks weighing 191lb 06oz, Nick fished the short pole and margins with meat, 2nd on the day was Oli Stringer from peg 8 Twin Oaks with 168lb 10oz catching on the bomb and meat and 3rd was Steve Cooke from peg 12 Twin Oaks with 166lb 07oz catching on the short pole with meat.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Nick Speed peg 14 Twin Oaks​ 8 points​ 191lb 06oz
B section Ben Hart ​peg 35 Twin Oaks 8 points​ 129lb 10oz
C section Michael Hall peg 12 Trelawney 8 points​ 76lb 12oz
D section Tom Arnot peg 25 Trelawney 8 points​ 108lb 04oz
‘C’ Section, Jennys, Trewaters

First overall was Chris Kitchin with 158lb 15oz from peg 41 Trewaters, Chris spent the whole day fishing the 7 meter pole with meat. 2nd was Gary Middleton with 87lb 04oz from peg 21 Jennys, Gary caught most of his fish in the margins with meat and 3rd on the lake was John Jones from peg 17 Jennys with 83lb 10oz, John fished the meat in the margins.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Craig Shaw peg 4 Jennys 8 points​ 58lb 03oz
B section Gary Middleton ​peg 21 Jennys ​ 8 points​ 87lb 04oz
C section Craig Edmunds ​peg 29 Trewaters 8 points​ 75lb 04oz
D section Chris Kitchin peg 41 Trewaters 8 points 158lb 15oz
‘D’ Section, Python, Acorn & Canal

First on the day Mark Fox from peg 3 Acorn with 144lb 09oz, Mark fished the short pole in the margins with worm. 2nd on the day was Des Shipp from peg 5 Acorn with 93lb 06 fishing the meat short and 3rd was Stewart Johnson form peg 17 Acorn with 82lb 12oz catching on the short pole with meat and margins with corn.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
​A section Darren Shaw peg 14 Python 8 points 50lb 08oz
B section Andy leathers peg 21 Python 8 points​ 20lb 04oz
C section Mark Fox peg 3 Acorn 8 points 144lb 09oz
D section Des Shipp peg 5 Canal 8 points 93lb 06oz
‘E’ Section, Bolingey

First on the day was Jordan Holiway from peg 10 with 169lb 01oz, Jordan fished the margins with corn. 2nd on the day was James Howarth from peg 36 with139lb, James fished the margins with and 3rd was Chris Fox form peg 25 with 132lb 14oz catching in the margins with corn.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
​A section Paul Faires peg 49 8 points 123lb 14oz
B section Jordan Holiway peg 10 8 points​ 169lb 01oz
C section Dean Hunt peg 45 8 points 118lb 14oz
D section James Howeth peg 36 8 points 139lb
Top Twenty
Name Points Dropping Weight
1st​ NICK SPEED 32 7 479lb 07oz
2nd CRAIG EDMUNDS 32 7 428lb 10oz
3rd​ TOM ARNOT 32 7 410lb 10oz
4th LEE EDWARDS 32 5 415lb 11oz
5th​​​​​​​ DES SHIPP 32 4 375lb 10oz
6th​​​​​​​ JAMES HOWARTH 31 7 470lb 08oz
7th​​​​​​​ JORDAN HOLIWAY 31 4 501lb 07oz
8th​​​​​​​ MICK LEES 30 6 340lb 02oz
9th ANDY BENNETT 30 5 495lb 05oz
10th​​​​​​ ANDY LEATHERS 29 5 389lb
11th​​​​​​​ ERIC YEOMANS 29 4 468lb 09oz
12th​​​​​​ DARREN SHAW 29 4 305lb 13oz
13th​​​​​​ MARK FOX 29 2 497lb 07oz
14th​​​​​​ ROBERT KITE 29 2 391lb 14oz
15th​​​​​​ SAM POWELL 29 1 275lb 02oz
16th​​​​​​ SCOTT PUDDY 28 6 452lb 13oz
17th​​​​​​​ VINCE BROWN 28 6 375lb 01oz
18th​​​​​​ ANDY DARE 28 6 317lb 10oz
19th​​​​​​ CHRIS FOX 28 5 438lb 07oz
20th​​​​​​ ALEX DOCHERTY 28 4 383lb 10oz

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