Maver match this 2017

Today was the second maver match  this qualifier of 2017,  this was held at the premiere fishery ,Hayfield lakes ,

marukyu sponsored Leigh Hodgkinson  steals the show and gets his place in the £50,000 grand final at hayfield lakes in September ,



Leigh gives us a little insight to how he as managed to get though to the £50,000 grand final on a very hard day at Hayfield lakes .


On arrival, Leigh had a walk around and fancied a few areas on Adams lake. As there was a few fish showing on this lake in areas.


Leigh Drew peg 68 on big Adams, When he drew peg 68,Leigh looks at the map of lakes and thought that this was 2 pegs away from a couple of pegs that he had  fancied on the point, and didn’t really fancy it .


when Leigh arrived at his peg he his eyes lit up at the peg he’d drawn ,and thought  that he had a bit of an outside chance of winning the match and qualifying from this area because there was only 1 peg to his right before a gap, meaning that it  would  giving him a  little more room as the pegs are really tight so any spare room was a bonus, Leigh  was also on the aerator which always draws a few  fish in.


Leigh tells us he Fished a really simple match rotating 3 Waggler rods set ups at 3ft, 5ft and 7 ft deep, all set with a 8 gram loaded crystal wag for a big chuck, he fished between 50/60 mt feeding 8mm pellets. Keeping it very simple, Picking up the odd fish throughout the day, his first cast in bought him a 8lb carp, he cast another 3 times to bring him his 2nd fish , he then had a steady 3 and half hours picking up the odd fish here and there , the last hour and half only bought him one more fish ,to  Finished with 9 carp and 5 brown goldfish, once the scales had arrived Leigh weighed in  64lb 12oz,


Leigh was listening to rumours from around the lake, about all the lake fishing really hard as this was unusual for such a fantastic venue, but didn’t think for one minute that his 64,12 would win him the match , Leigh goes on to say that when he found out he had won , he was total gob smacked, but over joyed ,and it still hasn,t sunk in yet ,Leigh would also like to say well done to The one of angling nice guys Andy Bailey on coming second on the day , and wishes him the best of look in the next coming qualifiers,

Leigh would like to thank everyone for the kind massages and support that he as received over the last 24 hours, he would also like to thank his sponsor Marukyu Howard Kaye,


From all the team here at match anglers matches, we would just like to wish you all the very best in the grand final in September, tight lines

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