White Acers Frenzee Festival 2017 – Day Three

Frenzee Festival 2017 – Day Three

Day Three

‘A’ Section, Pollawyn

First on the lake today was Eric Yeomans with 99lb 08oz from peg 20, Eric spent most of his day fishing waggler and meat. 2nd was Harry Billing from peg 27 with 79lb 12oz, Harry fished the bomb and meat and the 7 meter pole with meat and 3rd on the day was Craig Edmunds from peg 30 weighing 52lb 01oz fishing meat in the margins.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Simon Gould peg 10 8 points 28lb 14oz
B section Craig Edmunds peg 30 8 points 52lb 01oz
C section Eric Yeonams Peg 20 8 points 99lb 08oz
D section Paul Mckenna Peg 52 8 points 40b 09oz
‘B’ Section, Twin oaks, Trelawney

First on day two was Sean Clifford from peg 18 Twin Oaks weighing 140lb 14oz, Sean fished the bomb meat, 2nd on the day was Mark Fox from peg 8 Twin Oaks with 138lb catching on the meat feeder and 3rd was Andy leathers from peg 22 Trelawney with 137lb 14oz catching on the bomb with bread and meat at 5 meters.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Sean Clifford peg 18 Twin Oaks 8 points 140lb 14oz
B section Richard Bacon peg 21 Twin Oaks 8 points 112lb 08oz
C section Stewart Johnson peg 12 Trelawney 8 points 78lb 11oz
D section Andy Leathers peg 22 Trelawney 8 points 137lb 14oz
‘C’ Section Jennys, Trewaters

First overall was Dan White with 166lb 02oz from peg 41 Trewaters, Dan spent the whole day fishing meat at 5 meters. 2nd was Grant Albutt with 104lb 13oz from peg 53 Trewaters, Grant caught most of his fish on the meat in the margins and 3rd on the lake was Jordan Holliway from peg 27 Trewaters with 92lb 01oz, Jordan caught on the meat at 5 meters and the margins.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section James Howarth peg 4 Jennys 8 points 86lb 15oz
B section Shaun Sylvester peg 16 Jennys 8 points 65lb 14oz
C section Jordan Holliway peg 27 Trewaters 8 points 92lb 01oz
D section Dan White peg 41 Trewaters 8 points 166lb 02 oz
‘D’ Section Python, Acorn & Canal

First on the day Nigel Cornwell from peg 17 Acorn with 86lb 03oz, Nigel fished the short pole and margins with meat. 2nd on the day was Doug Wright from peg 15 Python with 54lb, Doug fished the bomb with bread and 3rd was Tim Jones form peg 3 Acorn with 53lb 04oz catching all his fish on the pole with corn.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Doug Wright peg 15 Python 8 points 54lb
B section Richard Kinning peg 23 Python 8 points 28lb 07oz
C section Nigel Cornwell peg 17 Acorn 8 points 86lb 03oz
D section Lee Edwards peg 15 Canal 8 points 46lb 04oz
‘E’ Section Bolingey

First on the day was Bob Jarvis from peg 38 with 140lb 02oz, Bob fished the short pole with corn. 2nd on the day was Tom Arnot from peg 17 with137lb 11oz, Tom fished long and short pole with corn and the bomb with meat. and 3rd was Steve Cooke form peg 40 with 137lb 06oz catching on the meat ay 5 meters.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Nick Speed peg 46 8 points 75lb 10oz
B section Andy Geldart peg 10 8 points 116lb 08oz
C section Tom Arnot peg 17 8 points 137lb 11oz
D section Bob Jarvis peg 38 8 points 140lb 02oz
Top Twenty
Name Points Weight
1st CRAIG EDMONDS 24 245lb 13oz
2nd LEE EDWARDS 24 233lb 13oz
3rd NICK SPEED 24 196lb 15oz
4th JAMES HOWARTH 23 283lb 04oz
5th TOM ARNOT 23 211lb
6th RICHARD KINNING 23 165lb
7th ANDY DARE 22 207lb 15oz
8th MICK LEES 22 187lb 09oz
9th SCOTT PUDDY 21 330lb 07oz
10th HARRY BILLING 21 281lb
11th ERIC YEOMANS 21 221lb 13oz
12th PAUL CHRISTIE 20 294lb 03oz
13th ANDY LEATHERS 20 270lb 11oz
14th VINCE BROWN 20 236lb 12oz
15th ANDY BENNETT 20 230lb 04oz
16th SHAUN SYLVESTER 20 226lb 04oz
17th DES SHIPP 20 220lb 04oz
18th PETE CURRELL 20 216lb 11oz
19th ALEX DOCHERTY 20 204lb
20th KEIRON RICH 20 196lb 11oz

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