Richard Chapman lands a place in Fish ‘O’ Mania final 28.03.17 At Colemans Cottage qualifier

Richard Chapman as book  his place in the Fish ‘O’ Mania grand final with a 92lb 8oz winning catch at the Colemans Cottage qualifier.

Richard drew peg 5 on Copse Lake – the same peg that wonthe match last year

Richard as olny been match fishing for 1 year 7 months outstanding achievment , well done Richard !!!!

The 92 anglers competed



1. Richard Chapman 92lb 8oz

2. Patrick Cooper 82lb

3. Thomas Sexton 77lb

4. Ben Emery 71lb

5. Simon Colclough 69lb


This is Richards words <<< “This was in fact my first ever Fish’O’Mania qualifier, I’d made the decision to have a go this year and having fished the Colemans league over the past few months it made sense to get a ticket. At the draw I pulled out Peg 5 on Copse, it had form as a good mate Ross Harrold had qualified from that peg last year. It looked like my drawing arm had come back when it counted!

I went to the peg knowing I had half a chance and started setting up a few rigs. Keeping things simple with a couple of deck rigs at 5m and 11.5m, one for the island and one for the edge… A couple of shallow rigs and a mugging rig. By this point a few lumps had started appearing on the surface so with half an hour to kill I went for a chat with some other anglers to leave them in peace and keep disturbance to a minimum.

I got back to the peg just before the all in; to say it was solid was an understatement! As the shotgun sounded the start of the match, I shipped out to bait my 5m line, tapped a medium flexi pot of 4mm pellets in, then from nowhere a decent carp appeared on the surface, still with my deck rig on i dangled a 4mm expander in front of him and I watched him turn to take it… Less than two minutes in and the first carp was on, I scooped him up and quickly got the mugging gear out.

The next hour was a dream, almost every fish I slapped a pellet in front of took it! There were some real lumps too, I was on the MAP Pink Twin Core in combination with 0.12 Optex, far from beast taming gear but I was doing some serious pulling! With fish getting close to double figures I was going for a second net (60lb limit) having clicked 50lbs after 45 minutes. At this point, the cruisers started to drift off and the action started to slow, i managed to nick the odd bites fishing across to the island but it was never right, a lot of foul hookers and lost fish lead to a frustrating few hours.

With an hour left and with around 75lb in the net, I felt I had blown my chance. I had set myself the target of 120lb to qualify and assumed others would have caught up on the other lakes. I spent the last hour rotating between the island and my two edges, managing to land the odd fish between the foul hookers. The match ended with 90lb on the clicker and I felt it wasn’t going to be enough, getting weighed in fairly early the scales showed 92lb 4oz (I hadn’t been clicking my silvers!) which was enough to win the lake but it was a case of waiting to see how the other lakes had fished.

Word slowly got back that Step Field had fished slowly with 60lbs winning, Path Field had been won with 70lb and finally Wood which was where another weight was expected was won with 80lb something… I honestly couldn’t tell you the exact weight as my head had gone at this point, I never dreamed of qualifying for one of the big finals when I started match fishing just under two years ago, but to qualify for Fish’O’Mania at the first time of asking – absolute madness!

Massive thanks to everyone who sent us a message yesterday, all very much appreciated and I’ll apologise in advance if the MAP features are all on Arena over the next few months!”


From all of us here at M,A,M wish you BEST of luck in the final


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