COLIN SCOTT 12/03/2017

Latest round of the Sunday winter league at partridge, I’ve been handed a good peg in 121 on pool 5, it’s great to be able to attack a peg, and I’ve fished pellet on two lines across, I lost my way mid match where I only put 3 fish in the net in 45 mins which has cost me!
I’ve had 70 fish for 86lb, unfortunately wind end it fished better I’ve ended up 3rd in the section, 102lb 1st Aidy twist, 2nd paul jones with 90lb (ive only got 50-60lb he said 🙈lol)
Well done lads!
3rd in the section 4th in the match and no sausage £££ lol
Team wise not so great 11 points but we are still in contention of a podium place going into the last match which is nice!
Well done mark on winning the match from 129, and well done to all the framers and sec winners!
#Garbolino #SpottedFin #Finygo

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