Angling match results brought to you by David Marshall from around the country for clubs…rivers….still waters… canals ,If you would like your results included here, please contact David Marshall by Email at: matchresults@matchanglersmatches.com .



Viaduct 22-2-17
Silverfish match today on Spring, Middle and Lodge lake with 22 anglers:

1. Andy Power – 56lb 14oz – peg 3
2. Richard A’Herne – 54lb 6oz – peg 19
3. Tom Thick – 46lb 3oz – peg 56
4. Scott Russell – 33lb 11oz – peg 1
5. Ben Hagg – 33lb 5oz – peg 18
6. Steve Kedge – 25lb 14oz – peg 33
7. Mark Leader – 25lb 6oz – peg 59
8. Vince Brown – 24lb 13oz – peg 68
9. Ziggy Slowinski – 22lb 2oz – peg 32
10. Mark Hanham – 22lb 1oz – peg 11
11. Nigel Garrett – 21lb 1oz – peg 37
12. Des Shipp – 20lb 3oz – peg 10
Burley fields 22-2-17
1st peg 6 brian duckett 25lb 8oz
2nd peg 8 ryan jordan 19lb 8oz
3rd peg 9 paul reed 13lb13oz
4th peg 1 dave isherwood 12lb 13oz
5th peg 5 ian sargent 12lb 12oz
6th peg 15 addie stumpy 10lb 3oz
7th peg 11 s vines 9lb 8oz
8th peg 2 ian mackay 9lb
9th peg 13 reid whitmore 7lb 2oz
10th peg 10 bob woods 2lb 6oz
11th peg 16 phil pegrum 8oz
11 anglers fished today well done to brian duckett thats 2 wins in 2 weeks now so he needs to be stopped .conditions blowing a gale for some of us lucky one on back of lake were fishing a mill pond lol

Lake John
Wednesday Open February 22nd 2017, Top Lake
In for a Penny in for 76lb and a match win as Geoff does the biz and continues his run of form
Geoff Penny, Hollow angling, peg 32, 76-8-0
Storm Doris seems to be showing its self so the long poles were shortened to 6m and with a bit of extra line laid on presentation was just about bearable, Geoff maintains this great run of form presenting 6mm expander pellets on 3 lines and caught on all three, big hook bait big fish was the plan and the plan worked, a windy but successful match for Mr Penny
Martin Amos, Lake John Fishery, peg 33, 72-8-0
John Eldred, Lake John Fishery, peg 13, 49-8-0
Simon George, peg7, 49-4-0
Darren Bates, Lake John Fishery, peg 8, 49-0-0
Bill Everitt, Lake John-Redbridge, peg 11, 40-0-0 jnt
Ken Farrell, Lake John Fishery, peg 14, 40-0-0 jnt golden peg
Viaduct Fishery

Costcutter match on Campbell lake today with 8 anglers. Very windy today so pegged it all on one bank:

1. Dave Romain – 103lb 2oz – peg 125
2. Tom Downing – 87lb 5oz – peg 123
3. Jim Butcher – 65lb 4oz – peg 128
4. Colin Dyer – 47lb 13oz – peg 126
5. Matt Rowe – 35lb 3oz – peg 130

1. Jim Butcher – 27lb 9oz – peg 128



Monkhall Fisheries, Monkhopton, Sat., Swallow Pool.
A. Rowbottom (ABC) 43-11-0;
P. Wedge (Mosella ABC) 39-14-0;
C. Shepherd (Sensas Strike) 39-5-0.
AT Winter League Final 2017 – Fenland Drains 25/2/2017
over all
1 Shaun Bryan – Daiwa Gordon League 15kgs 350grams
2 Rob Wright – Sensas Mark One White 15kgs 100grams
3 Tom Madden – Matrix Leigh Tackle and Bait 15kgs 0grams
4 Craig Shaw – Drennan RAF 13kgs 750grams
5 Gary Williamson – Devizes Match Group 12kgs 400grams
6 Tom Morretti – Preston Innovations Thatchers 12kgs 50grams
7 Graham Hunt – Mosella Bathampton 10kgs 0grams
8 Jason Cunningham – Shakespeare Superteam Bait-Tech A 9kgs 600grams
9 Ian Morrison – Ted Carter Southport 9kgs 150grams

1 Drennan Barnsley Blacks 41 189kgs 175grams 10
2 Starlets AS 43 191kgs 160grams 10
3 Drennan Oxford 67 134kgs 510grams 10
4 Devizes Match Group 67 117kgs 700grams 10
5 Preston Innovations Thatchers 69 143kgs 525grams 10
6 Maver North West 70 117kgs 875grams 10
7 Sensas Mark One White 71 99kgs 540grams 10
8 Ted Carter Southport 71 135kgs 850grams 10
9 Dynamite Maver Midlands 72 152kgs 555grams 10
10 Browning Team Ossett 74 132kgs 765grams 10

Winter League Final 2017 – Decoy 25/2/2017
top 10 teams
1 Drennan Barnsley Blacks 41 189kgs 175grams 10
2 Starlets AS 43 191kgs 160grams 10
3 Drennan Oxford 67 134kgs 510grams 10
4 Devizes Match Group 67 117kgs 700grams 10
5 Preston Innovations Thatchers 69 143kgs 525grams 10
6 Maver North West 70 117kgs 875grams 10
7 Sensas Mark One White 71 99kgs 540grams 10
8 Ted Carter Southport 71 135kgs 850grams 10
9 Dynamite Maver Midlands 72 152kgs 555grams 10
10 Browning Team Ossett

over all
1 Andy Geldart – Drennan Barnsley Blacks 87kgs 200grams
2 Chris Barley – Quorn 65kgs 550grams
3 Adam Rumble – Dynamite Maver Midlands 57kgs 600grams
4 Anth Murray – Darlington Angling Centre 57kgs 450grams
5 Darran Bickerton – Starlets AS 51kgs 700grams
6 Robbie Taylor – Team Daiwa Dorking 50kgs 800grams
7 Mark Taylor – Shakespeare Superteam Bait-Tech B 45kgs 600grams
8 Dean Smith – Lincs Tide Chasers 43kgs 700grams
9 Matty Dawes – Drennan North West 43kgs 500grams
10 Dan Ashington – Starlets AS
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Result from Acorn Fishery 26/2/17
1. Mike Wilson. . . . . . . 41-04 p9
2. Keith Fisher. . . . . . . 24-03 p7
3. Bob Smith. . . . . . . . 18-08 p34
4. Mike Laird. . . . . . . . 17-15 p37
5. Geoff Stones. . . . . . 14-15 p12
6. Alan Jones. . . . . . . . 13-02 p5
1. Bill Ferris. . . . . . . . . . 3-15 p28


Todbor ,,Ash and Homeground
1st: Brian Hayes 51lb 8oz (Peg 77 HG)
2nd: Paul Lancaster 50lb 2oz (Peg 78 HG)
3rd: Dave Bruton 48lb 0oz (Peg 87 HG)
Section A Ash: Ash Tomkins 44lb 4oz (Peg 66)
Section B HG: Jack Stamp 34lb 10oz (Peg 82)
Silvers 1st: Ash Tomkins 39lb 4oz (Peg 66 Ash)
Silvers 2nd: Brian Hayes 19lb 2oz (Peg 77 HG)


The glebe 26-2-17
Lake 1
Dom Lanni peg 2 93lb 7oz
Karl Downing peg 6 61lb
Lake 4
Andrew Williams peg 71 67lb 6oz
Rich Wells peg 69 49lb 1oz
Lake 5
Graham Elliott peg 76 152lb 2oz
John Harrison peg 79 48lb 8oz
Lake 6
Dave “Dippy” Ward peg 90 72lb 6oz
Mick Lees peg 92 62lb 6oz
Lake 7
Rob Hollis peg 101 44lb 13oz
Richard Bedder peg 105 30lb 3oz.

Monkhall Fisheries, Monkhopton., Swallow & Lark Pools.
J. Hall (Middy/Bag’em) 74-6-0;
K. Hayes (Monkhall) 70-6-0;
T. Frowen (Charlemont) 67-4-0.

Viaduct Campbell and a few pegs on Cary lake with 19 anglers:
1. Nick Ewers – 110lb – peg 77
2. Phil Denslow – 84lb 11oz – peg 111
3. Michael Hall – 69lb 12oz – peg 112
4. Terry Lenny – 64lb 12oz – peg 130
5. Ben Hagg – 63lb 5oz – peg 129
6. Roland Lucas – 55lb 5oz – peg 132
1. Emma Drysdale – 20lb 7oz – peg 81

Biggin Silver League 26-2-17
7th round of our silvers winter league today. 1st place went to Charlie Woodley with an excellent 26-4 mixed bag of skimmers/crucian on soft pellet over micro. All pegs were on the woodside today.
A Section pegs 38 – 45
26-4 C Woodley
14-3 A Naylor
13-9 A Knell
12-4 R Chamberlain
11-10 R Coleman
6-10 J Emerson

B Section pegs 47 – 53
14-2 P Russell
12-12 K Baines
10-12 R Raydon
8-00 D Hill
7-12 J Final
7-8 L Marlow
4-9 S Ford
Redhill fishery in Monmouth 26-2-17
35 anglers spread across Sophie’s,penny’s and Tilleys

1st alan davies 74 3
2nd nigel morris 53 3
3rd dave turberville 34 10
1st howard green 40 0
2nd viald 38 0
3rd adam jones 29 14
1st ryan thomas 36 0
2nd mark williams 32 2
3rd dai evans 29 10


Viaduct 26/2/17
Round 4 of our 2017 Winter League today with 19 teams of 5 making 95 anglers across the whole complex. The final round is next Sunday 5th March. Here are the top results from today and the team points:
1. Mark Leader (Maver Cadbury Angling) – 101lb 2oz – peg 113
2. Mash (M5 Angling) – 95lb 3oz – peg 131
3. Scott Cousins (Viaduct All Stars) – 88lb 1oz – peg 111
4. Matt Parsons (M5 Angling) – 87lb 5oz – peg 100
5. Bob Giles (Natural Talent) – 84lb 14oz – peg 18
6. Ben Hagg (Natural Talent) – 82lb 1oz – peg 68
1. Bob Giles (Natural Talent) – 28lb 12oz – peg 18
2. Paul Greenwood (M5 Angling) – 27lb 8oz – peg 20
3. Alex Nadin (Garbolino BVMG) – 23lb 10oz – peg 19
4. Glyn Reynolds (Viaduct All Stars) – 22lb 2oz – peg 3
5. Vince Brown (Mosella Bathampton) – 20lb 10oz – peg 4
6. Steve Hutter (Viaduct All Stars) – 17lb 12oz – peg 41

Team points on the Day:
1. Mosella Bathampton – 79
2. Natural Talent – 76
2. Viaduct All Stars – 76
4. M5 Angling – 75
5. Frenzee SW – 61
6. 2nd Time Lucky – 60
7. Maver Cadbury Angling – 52
8. Thatchers Vets – 50
8. Moaning Maggots – 50
10. Garbolino BVMG – 47
11. Somerset Angling – 45
12. SW Nomads – 42
13. Colmic SW – 40
13. Future Networks – 40
15. Thatchers PI – 39
16. Amigos – 36
17. Team Keyford – 32
18. Balti Boys – 29
19. Silverfox – 24
stafford moor Herbie Hornby & Colin Ormston is holding a MFS festival here all week , today was their practice match on Oak , Pines & Woodpecker lakes, will post 1st & 2nd each day on here & full match results will be on the website.
Pines: 1st place was Peter Bailey peg 12 with 32lb 14oz caught with THATCHERS black ground bait purchased from our onsite tackle shop
2nd place was Steve Martin (Rolio) peg 13 with 30lb 9oz
Oak: 1st place Mark Saunders peg 17 with 12lb 14oz
2nd place Positive Paul peg 7 with 10lb 2oz
Woodpecker: 1st place Wayne Kearney peg 9 with 15lb 14oz caught with THATCHERS black ground bait
2nd place was Jamie Howarth peg 20 with 15lb 10oz caught with THATCHERS black ground bait

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